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Vote Pam Love for US House of Representative, Florida District 5

Get What YOU Want from Congress

The United States is a successful republic and it stays alive by the voices and the votes of all of us, its citizens. We must fight together to keep our republic run by the people and for the people.

Let’s Work Together to:

  • Grow a Thriving Economy with a Mom and Pop Shop on Every Corner
  • Improve Border Security and Create Sensible Immigration
  • Make our Neighborhoods Safe Again
  • Create Environmental Protections
  • Have Health Insurance that Works for Business and Every Citizen
  • End Hate Speech and Work Together with Respect

Why You Should Care I’m Running for Congress

I’ve been a Republican as long as I can remember. I was an entrepreneur even as a child, if you count the incessant need to sell seeds, stationery and lemonade all summer long, every summer. I took to business at an early age. The Sad Lemonade Stand Saga I have a very...
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The Real News – Illegal Aliens Pay Billions in Taxes

Here is one of the numerous problems with racism and hate: The racist loves to just parrot what their hate filled leaders tell them is true. Well, President Trump gave a press conference this past week that spread a little more fake news that caters to the racists...
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Nominate Your Favorite Scientist

An editorial award, STAT 2017 Wunderkinds, is looking for the brightest up and coming scientists of today. If you personally know a scientist that has just finished school, is an intern/resident, Ph.D, M.D., or equivalent, nominate him or her for this award. STAT 2017...
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Jackson FL Police Officer Confrontation with Jaywalker

On June 20, 2017, Devonte Shipman was walking on the sidewalk and crossed a street without looking at the crosswalk sign. Unfortunately for Shipman, it indicated that he didn't have the right to walk. Sheriff’s Officer J.S. Bolen watched Shipman and the young man he...
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