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On June 20, 2017, Devonte Shipman was walking on the sidewalk and crossed a street without looking at the crosswalk sign. Unfortunately for Shipman, it indicated that he didn’t have the right to walk.

Sheriff’s Officer J.S. Bolen watched Shipman and the young man he was with cross the street and started excitedly talk to Shipman about the law he had broken. Shipman answered the officer in a calm voice and stood up for his rights as he knew them to be. The officer appears to become more aggitated and excited the more he spoke and looks like he’s itching for a fight, in the least.

The young man held his ground and went along with what the officer told him to do.

It appears in the video that is a clear cut case of abuse of power, racial profiling for the purposes or harassment, although we do not have the officer’s side of the story. Shipman has been quoted that he feared for what would have happened had he not been visibly recording the officer. And I have to agree with him. The officer’s peculiar excessive excitement and anger suggests it would have ended in yet another statistic of a deadly officer on black man shooting, although there is no way to know that would have actually happened.

These are the types of incidents that infuriate me. Since the current administration started campaigning, incidents of hate crimes have risen and little is done to combat it. Some executive orders the president is signing actually reinforce hatred of minorities and a portion of our society is taking it as an ok to attack and even kill people that are not white like them.

When I’m elected to Congress, I will work hard and vote smart to help put an end to attacks on young black men. Community policing is NOT some sort of exciting sport for police officers that have a hatred agenda. I want to help shut down hate crimes in Florida’s Congressional District 5 and everywhere else. It isn’t just our district. It is the entire country where so many people are full of hate and white supremacy. They have surfaced thinking the president is encouraging them to kill, maim and harass the good citizens of our country.

A vote for Pam Love for Congress is a vote for freedom in America for ALL of its citizens. And a vote to force those with such hatred in their hearts to act like decent human beings or else spend their lives in imprisoned.

Please sign my candidate petition to help me get on the ballot for Florida’s Congressional District 5 in 2018. I need over 4500 signatures. Every signature is important.