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Here is one of the numerous problems with racism and hate: The racist loves to just parrot what their hate filled leaders tell them is true. Well, President Trump gave a press conference this past week that spread a little more fake news that caters to the racists among us and to a large portion of his support base.

Here is a fact: Undocumented residents pay billions of dollars in taxes. These taxes usually go to state and local governments. Most people who are here illegally pay taxes. They pay their share of the Medicare and Social Security payroll taxes (usually with a made up social security number) and they won’t ever be able to collect from those funds.

Obviously, these workers are not on welfare like President Trump likes to repeat. They are working. That’s why they come here. They are farm laborers, repair technicians, construction workers, production workers, salespeople and office workers. Some are even in management and finance positions. They are contributing to our society and working for very low wages, almost half what legal citizens earn.

It isn’t a good thing when illegals take American jobs by working for half the wage, however, how many Americans will pick fruits and vegetables and work in the fields all day? Hardly any. So few, as Alabama found out when they ran all the farm laborers off, that all of the food in the fields rotted, because there was no one to pick it. The jobs were there. No American stepped up to do the work at any price. So, if the entire USA manages to get all immigrants to leave the fields and go home, where does our food come from? There is nobody to farm it and harvest it.

The racists and hate mongers continue to spread misinformation to make themselves look like they are doing something good. But, as with any hate campaign, it doesn’t end well for our country. It has to stop. We need a solution for the illegal immigrants that have children that are citizens, for those who have been tolerated by the government for decades and now have no where to go, for those who we need to work here because no citizen will do the job and numerous other issues. We have to have a practical solution that is good for the USA on all levels.

Please Donate now to help me campaign for Congress. I will work hard in Congress to help end hate speech and come up with a practical immigration solution that helps our country thrive. Donate right now and send what you can afford to help get me to Congress to help create solutions.

For the facts and figures on this story, see the report done by U.S. News and World Report. Educate yourself and you’ll not fall victim to racist propaganda.