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I’ve been a Republican as long as I can remember. I was an entrepreneur even as a child, if you count the incessant need to sell seeds, stationery and lemonade all summer long, every summer. I took to business at an early age.

The Sad Lemonade Stand Saga

I have a very upsetting memory about the lemonade stand I had in the Detroit suburbs. I was so happy with the handful of change I made after working my stand for hours in the front yard that hot, summer day. I proudly showed my dad my haul for my hard work.

Dad took my money from my hand and started telling me it was his money. Oh no, that’s my MY money! I worked hard for that money!

He asked me where the Kool Aid came from? And where did the sugar come from? He started taking away all of my hard earned money, coin by coin! He explained that there are expenses and the money I had didn’t even cover those expenses. So he took my money and wouldn’t give it back.

I’m still pretty ticked off about that. To this day, he has not returned my money. But, starting businesses is where I went in life, keeping an eye on expenses all the while. Of course. And thanks to dad. (I still want my money back.)

Protesting the Electoral College

Initially in my youth I refused to vote over the issue of the unfairness of the Electoral College. That is yet another thing I’m not quite over yet, but I did decide to register and vote as a Republican when I was about 21 years old. I figured voting was important and there is no democracy at all if nobody votes.

The Republican Party was a very different political party in those days. But it was starting to change and over the decades, it stopped representing anything I believed in. In the 1990s the Tea Party started and I thought they were funny with their naughty attention getting slogans, but their message was an interesting one. They wanted the power to return to the people. Unfortunately, the movement was quickly hijacked by power seeking religious extremists and that group then hijacked the Republican Party.

Being a Liberal Republican

I stayed with the Party, although I may have strayed for an election somewhere in the 80s and then returned. My thinking was that the only way to get rid of these extremists would be to fight for change from within. Today I’m considered a Liberal Republican, because I believe in almost nothing those hijackers say they believe in.

And that is why you need me in Congress. I am running for the US House of Representatives (Congress) in 2018. I will be representing Florida’s Congressional District 5 which runs from Tallahassee to the western half of Jacksonville. Regardless of where you will be voting, you are going to want me as a Republican in Congress.

Why Do You Care if I Win?

When I am in Congress, my vote will count with all the rest of Representatives in Congress. In 2018, the US Congress will still be controlled by the Republicans. If you’re a Democrat, you definitely want me to be one of the Republicans, because chances are good we have similar political views. If you’re a real Republican, you will certainly want me to be in Congress voting.

While those who lean liberally won’t be able to vote for me unless they live in District 5 in Florida, they can donate to my campaign to help me win. It is going to take about $500,000 in campaign contributions to win this election. That’s a lot of money. I am not rich like Trump or the other politicians in my area. I need to depend on people all over the country to help me get my message to voters here in Florida. And of course, I need those in District 5 to vote for me. But it takes a lot of money to get my message to the voters of District 5.

So, please, I hope I can count on your support. Let’s push out the racists and extremists that are currently parting out our country to the financial benefit of their corporate cronies. Donate now so that I have the financial support to win this election to become a Representative in Congress. I will do my part to help turn this country back around to real American values.